merekaa semuaa cantik :'D
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 | 00:46 | 0 comments

Sahabat ibarat kaca. Sebelum terhempas, peganglah erat -erat. Jika terhempas akan berkecai. Andai dicantum semula, takkan seindah asal :')

long distance friendship. hye my friend. i love you more than i love myself :) Bestfriend. Sahabat girlfriend. Please. Please stay with me. Forever. <3Please tell me the truth that best friend always beside me even u’re busy or not. I hope you have time, and i wish i can tell what im feel right now. I miss them so much, you dont undersnd how much I miss how close we were and how much of a best friend you were to me :')